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make it delivered

make right goods deliver to right customer at right place on right time in right quantity with right condition

1) What is LorrySifu.com? 

  • LorrySifu.com is an one stop logistics service provider based in Johor Bahru since 1999.

2) Where do LorrySifu.com deliver to?

  • We deliver across Singapore - Malaysia - Thailand.

3) What service do LorrySifu.com provide?

  • We provide lorry transport, freight and forwarding, custom clearance, shipping, cargo insurance and etc.

4) What types of delivery available?

  • We provide chartered, console and contract delivery.

5) What packing acceptable for delivery?

  • Both palletized or loose cargo are acceptable.

6) Is LorrySifu.com a registered company?

  • Our website registered under MID Transport (002742314-P)

6) What do MID stand for?

  • MID - make it delivered
  • MID - middle man to connect sender and receiver


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